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We’d LOVE for you to come hang with us in person! Use GeniBLISS Sightings to know where we will be in 2018 and beyond in the off-line world. If you can’t make it to any of these venues, then hit us up in the on-line world!

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Check out where we have been and will be in 2018 along with actual quotes from the feedback.


Phoenix Genealogical Society – Guest speaker at their February Monthly Meeting. Talk: How to use Facebook and FREE Apps to Engage Family


Interesting. May consider something I’ve never considered doing before.



Phoenix Family History Center – Special Guest speaker. Talk: How to use Facebook and FREE Apps to Engage Family


Amazing presentation! I can honestly say I’m motivated to go home and do these things with my own family and my wife’s.



RootsTech 2018 – Speakers “How to Use Facebook and FREE Apps to Engage Family.” This session was recorded and produced by RootsTech. You can see it HERE.


This presentation will make you want to reinstate your Facebook account!


If you’d like to see the “Secret Site” for our RootsTech 2018 presentation, find it HERE.


Join us for our Website Launch Party on Facebook LIVE – so sorry you missed it :(. See the replay on our Facebook Page.

To book us as speakers, please CONTACT us via email.

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