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A fun family time activity

for all generations!


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Families are people in our lives by blood and by choice, relatives, friends, and neighbors…you name it they can be family.

The inspiration for this site came from two cousin’s desire to help you build connections with your family. Our dynamic backgrounds bring unique and fun ways to build memories with all generations. Our family helping to connect yours.

GeniBLISS has a lot of useful information to jump-start your adventure…Let’s make some memories!


We were fortunate enough to be selected to speak at RootsTech 2018.

This is a MAJOR conference folks!

We spoke about using Facebook Groups with your extended family to uncover mysteries of the past, enrich the stories you already have, relate those stories of yesterday to today, and build excitement for stories of the future. Only a small handful of sessions are selected for recording, and ours was one of them. Watch it by clicking HERE.


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RootsTech 2019

RootsTech 2019

Thanks so much for visiting us! (and loving your family as much as we love ours!) So sorry guys, we ended up not speaking at RootsTech. We had a close family member diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer around Thanksgiving. With the daily phone...

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Amazon Items To Try That Create Memories

Amazon Items To Try That Create Memories

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GeniBLISS SPEAKS AT ROOTSTECH 2018…/use-facebook-and-free-apps-to-engage-family…/use-facebook-and-free-apps-to-engage-family Thank you so much for watching our RootsTech 2018 presentation about using Facebook Groups! We are so honored to spend time with you sharing our...

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