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Cousins by birth, friends by choice! We've been helping families build stronger connections since 2003. We share real-life activities, ideas, and tips to help your family connect in new and meaningful ways. 

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Our new EBOOK

How to capture Life's everyday moments

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Taking photos isn't a challenge...but documenting those moments has been kind of a chore!

without All without all the overwhelm, hassle, and TIME! 


After years of always feeling behind on my life's documentation now my grandchildren look through photos of themselves and hear me tell them the photo story just a few months after the photo was taken.

After teaching this tech trick the very first time, I heard comments like "my mind is spinning with new ideas", "you can really do this?", and "I am doing this today!"

You too can implement my tech tricks and take advantage of the many products I'll show you so you can literally be recording life as you go simply, easily, almost automatically, & PRIVATELY!

through October 16, 2021

Phoenix Genealogical Society


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"Publishing Your Family History"



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"Using Facebook Groups to Increase Family Engagement"

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"Maximizing Everyday Moments to build your modern day family history"



"Intentional Moments can become Life Long Memories in your Family History"

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Phoenix Family History Center


Guest Speaker

"Using Facebook Groups and Free Apps to Engage Family"

"Interesting. May consider something I’ve never considered doing before."

- Susie

They can change your life too!

we're Kelli & Jamie

Cousins & Friends

Building stronger family connections one link at a time

Two very different generational cousins with opposite backgrounds working together to help other families build stronger connections (enjoy each other more) creating a sense of belonging through intentional actions.

Our similarities brought us together and our differences help us tackle projects big and small from our uniquely different perspectives but always with the common goal of adding to our family links, making families better, stronger.

Each of these actions are a link in the chain that binds the family across generations.

What if YOU ARE that important link connecting families?

It’s the memories that bind us together. We focus on creating memories with children, cousins, friends that we call family, parents, grandparents and even great-great grandparents during the time between the those bigger family reunions through intentional decisions and activities.

The family connections we've felt & experienced changed our lives... 

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