family is where your story begins

But we both graduated from Arizona State University—Go Devils—and went to work in completely different professional worlds! Jamie wore jeans and boots to work and Kelli suits.

Our shared love of family was evident as we planned a large family reunion. Using the reunion, we wanted to link present and past generations.

The family connections we felt & experienced changed our lives... 

You Can Have It Too!

Start with what you have in common & Build from there!

They can change your life too!

From day to day things can feel “messy” and insignificant. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions, friends, we get it LIFE happens.

IS built on


Bringing families of all shapes & sizes closer together. Bringing us together is what helps us build commonalities and belong to a community where the sum is greater than its parts. Here you’ll find plenty of ideas for family reunions and likely a number of new and unique ways of preparing and managing them.

Cousins & Friends

We're Kelli & Jamie

Building stronger family connections one link at a time

Two very different generational cousins with opposite backgrounds working together to help other families build stronger connections (enjoy each other more) creating a sense of belonging through intentional actions.

Our similarities brought us together and our differences help us tackle projects big and small from our uniquely different perspectives but always with the common goal of adding to our family links, making families better, stronger.

Each of these actions are a link in the chain that binds the family across generations.

One of our most favorite quotes because we've seen it happen….

From day to day nothing changes.
But when you look back everything’s different.

Nothing could be more true when it comes to family relationships!
Each link we build has a cumulative benefit for the whole family.

What if YOU ARE that important link connecting families?

Making reunions possible while building memories in-between.

It’s the memories that bind us together. So we also focus on building memories with children, cousins, friends that we call family, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents during all the time between the bigger reunion memories.

for family lovers who want to improve relationships with their loved ones.

Let's do this together: 
Say Yes to the opportunities as they come available
Together we can customize your experience 
Support you through this journey 

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In my professional years working in Global Product Marketing, I brought new medical devices to market that enhanced human life. Now retired, I’m bringing families closer together and still enhancing lives. I love life, good books, quiet time, and of course family time. My husband and I are fortunate that our children live close by and we get to see them often. My life motto is “Have passport, will travel!” especially with Jamie!


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Country girl and casual through and through. At work I combine my love of problem-solving with the outdoors. Family and traditions are among my favorite past times, I am very lucky that I have a lot of family living close by. I am the proud aunt of 9 super fun nieces and nephews which I spoil whenever possible. Of course, I can’t forget travel, I love experiencing and exploring new cultures. I took my first international trip to Hong Kong with Kelli, and am hooked on adventure!