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Hey Hey welcome friends, we are so excited to share with you GeniBLISS! We are Jamie and Kelli and even though we look a lot a like we aren’t sisters…we’re cousins and both 4th generation Arizona natives. If you asked our Tutu (grandma) that would be an especially special fact. We definitely live up to the saying “Cousins by blood, friends by choice!”

The inspiration for this site started when we volunteered to help plan our latest family reunion (a several year process because it’s only held every 8-10 years). Utilizing Kelli’s marketing background that brought fresh, new, and fun ways of bringing history to life and Jamie’s organizational skills and family connections we took naturally to the process. Together we built living documents, brought innovation & efficiency, and let’s be honest, we had a blast doing it! Looking back, we made the highly awesome big picture “dream” become possible in legendary ways.

Did it ebb and change during the two-three year planning phase….certainly! How did it turn out?

Family connections created…check!


Everyone had lots of fun and built new connections that are still maintained today…double check!

Foundation established for the next one… check!

Definitely a Success!

When we started this reunion process we researched online looking and looking for action plans to facilitate communication across all generations as well as locate reunion planning aids to keep things organized, the result…We found squat! We basically had to figure it out on our own. was created to share with you how to nurture those family connections that are so important to all of us bringing our families closer which ultimately bonds us together.



I am the technical support hotline for my family and friends (not even joking). I love finding different technologies that ACTUALLY deliver on the promise to save time while being more productive and ultimately brings family closer together. In my professional years working in Global Product Marketing, I brought new medical devices to market that enhanced human life. Now retired, I’m bringing families closer together and still enhancing lives. I love life, good books, quiet time, and of course family time. My husband and I are fortunate that our children live close by and we get to see them often. My life motto is “Have passport, will travel!” especially with Jamie!


I work for a land management agency (since 2001) where I combine my love of problem-solving with that of the outdoors. Family and traditions are among my favorite past times, I am very lucky that I have a lot of family living close by. I am the proud aunt of 8 super fun nieces and nephews which I spoil whenever possible. Of course, I can’t forget travel, I love experiencing and exploring new cultures. I took my first international trip with Kelli to Hong Kong and am hooked on adventure. She is my favorite traveling buddy.



Geni comes from Generations/Genealogy: Helping you reach generations both vertically and horizontally is important to us! We utilize unique skill sets and technology to do so help along the journey.

Bliss: Well who wouldn’t LOVE a cute name that makes it sound like everything will be okay amid the craziness of family!



Great question! A large portion of our heritage is from Denmark. The girls took a family trip to Denmark (Kelli’s third and she’d still go back in a heartbeat) to learn about where we came from and see the land our ancestors lived and learn about their lives. During that trip, we learned that the country’s national flower is…you guessed it, the white daisy. We fell in love with anything Danish and Scandinavian design. The daisy is sharing part of our family heritage as our family helps connect yours. Let’s get started!